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Stairwell Access Tower

Ideal for decorating and painting stairwells.

  • Designed to be ideal on stairs, the tower is compact(0.7m wide) with two platform heights of 1.5m and 2.7m(from the lowest step),  providing a reachable working height of up to 4.7m.
  • The working platform is 1.5m long with a non slip platform board, sturdy hand rails and toeboards, so providing you with a comfortable and very safe environment from which to work.
  • Manufactured in the UK, this tower benefits from a clever design.  Access to the platform is provided by a walk through ladder frame.  You simply walk through the frame and climb the ladder from the interior of the tower up to the working platform.
  • In addition this walk through design allows you to continue to enjoy use of the stairs for the duration of the DIY/maintenance-when the platform is erected at the 2.7m height.
  • The complete tower can be transported by an estate car/small van. We will help you with loading and unloading on hire/off hire.
  • Easy to use.  Full instructions and advise will be given on hire.  Erection of the tower is straightforward and can be carried out by one person with no previous experience.
Length 1.5m
Width  0.7m
Platform heights  1.5m and 2.7m
Maximum safe working load for platform 150kg
Manufactured to a TUV Certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control System.

Euro Tray

With your safety and convenience in mind we now also offer the Euro Tray for HIRE.

  • This accessory is the ideal solution for tool storage whilst working from the stairwell tower.  No bending down to place tools /paint/brush on the platform.  Instead with the Euro Tray these will be at a very convenient working height.
  • The Euro Tray is very easy to use.  Simply lock the tray in place on the guard rail section of the stairwell tower and commence work in a tidy and safer environment.
Hire charges
(+ VAT @ 20%)
1 Day
Extra Day
W/End 1 Week
Stairwell Tower £45.00 £12.00 £45.00 £75.00
Euro Tray £10.00 £4.00 £10.00 £15.00